Keala Winterhalt, SWC's daughter had a little role in "Into The Storm"

Maybe you already knew that but I just find out about this and I think it's a lovely news!
Apparently the role of "Grace" Allison's daughter in "Into the storm" was played by SWC real daughter Keala.
Last time we saw Keale she was so little! look!

And here is how she look now! a seven year old little girl so lovely and pretty just like her mum!

If you want I made some screencaps of Keala here: ;) and in some of the latest interviews I read of Sarah she confirmed she has 2 kids now, so the news about the baby boy we found one year ago was true <3  bye! hope somebody is still around here!
sara cute

Sarah Wayne Callies more HQs from Wizard World

I just posted a lot of picture.

here for Hqs from Day 2 at Wizard world!

from day 3 there are some solo pic of Sarah ;) medium quality sorry!

From day 4 there are 15 Hqs from the panel ;) Hope you'll like it

and some candids around Wizard World!
hope you all like it! I missed her so much!

SWC at WizardWorld Philadelphia Comic Con & New movie


Sarah's next movie is a psychological thriller called "The other side of the door". According to director-gautam it will be released March - June 2015. More info: IMDb

And last but definitely not least: SARAH HAS INSTAGRAM !!!!!!!!!!!!
She said that she joined up because her friend insisted and made her do it xD I hope this friend will convience her to join other social media as well :)))))))))))